Medidex Accessibility Statement

Effective Date: Jan 25, 2024

This Accessibility Statement is incorporated into the Terms of Use. All terms defined in the Terms of Use shall have the same meaning when used herein unless otherwise noted.

It is Medidex, Inc.’s (“Medidex”) goal that its Platform and Services be useful, aesthetically pleasing and reasonably accessible to the widest audience possible. Medidex has and will continue to invest in improving the accessibility of the Website, its Services and Products for all Users and is committed to achieving substantial conformance with standards.  

However, the Platform and Services, and their contents are dynamic, and technology is constantly evolving. It is impossible to ensure that unforeseen issues may not arise that may affect the ability of some individuals to access some or all the Platform or Services content. Additionally, Medidex cannot and does not make any representation or warranty that User contributed content, third-party content or third-party websites to which We provide links will be accessible for Your purposes.

If you are having any difficulty using the Website, please contact us by email directly so that we may assist you.

Via Emailconnect@themedidex.com